Is a summer day, climbing stairs, over the mountains and verdant, green very hot; overlooking the town, skyscrapers, downtown minor axis; stroll the park, gorgeous flowers, aroma Qinxin; Range Rover Xinghuan, Responding to the sun in the sky, shining around the eye. Mountains marketplace weather, everywhere passionate, was deeply branded stamp summer. Whom I did not get excited, I do not have that feeling of Footloose, my passion gone?

Looking back on the trail, the hills solemn, Yela red thin; the whole front lens cap, bloated, dark eyes; find the way forward, faltering, powerless. Suddenly realized, no longer the youth from in between the heart has been filled with golden leaves. Only to listen to those energetic and youthful praise songs of life; only with endless tears to pay homage to the youth that never reverted to the road.

Middle-aged to, unconsciously, I have been deeply branded stamp on the middle-aged. Ignorance of childhood, youth confused, youthful unrestrained children have all been shaken off fall off, no longer have the slightest mystery at all. Instead dignified, deep, open, that is, people's eyes so-called "flower" is a symbol of maturity.